Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I am now in a process of learning how to make a blog..haih..Juz now Master Liew (my labmate) taught me how to add the gadget (hit counter)..haha..small stuff..he was the one suggested it..suka suka saja..learning..we never stop learning I suppose..right?..hmm..Even if we don't read books we still learn something or new stuffs in various ways..For those who love to view photos or into photographies I highly recommend you guys and girls to visit his website - Alcove de Anggur -..promote daa..wink(^.^)v..
~ next round tea time? hehe..


rtoy said...

hi mai..aku dah usha ko nye blog..
hehe..(nak gtau je)..nice!! any update juz inform k? (~_^)Y

krillykz said...

hoho..atoi first bg comment kat my blog..omedetou..


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