Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My dear Convocation day -251108-

It was his convocation day..Yay..Nothing much sebab sampai pun dah lambat..huhu..When I was there, he was out from the hall odi..Jubah pun x pakai dah..becoz it was very it was noon..12pm..I'm sure you can imagine that kind of situation..(saper yg dah convo sure tau)..we went to take some shot afterwards..(studio shot eh?)..then around 3pm we went back to UITM to return the 'jubah' and took his scroll..After all the tasks were done, it's time for the entertaining part..Quantum of Solace..yay


Dulu pak aku org panggil in pulut, last2 sangkut jgak pulut tu kat aku said...

Hope i was there. but later for sure he will come to my grad yerk. Make sure u come also. lalalala~

MY said...

hmm..we'll wait for that time..but certainly your bros really eager about going to your place during your convo later..

Anonymous said...

wei wei wei..
konvo aku sapa nk pegi?
kesian aku..
kna speaking ka?
me convo who go?


MY said...

xyah speaking pun la..huhu.ang konvo ka?

Anonymous said...

konvo dh aritu, x pi pun..
x brminat..
kos cap ayam..
grad pn 8 sem..
tp.. aku ttp brsyukur..
nk pi beli bunga utk diri sndiri lah..:P


MY said...

eh..mandel..konvo ang, ang x pi ka..isk2..x pa..beli bunga tuk sendiri pun orait gak..

Anonymous said...

beli bunga utk diri sndiri kna nyorok2 la..
satgi kantoi, malu..
aku mlas nk pegi konvo sbb grad ngn budak2 junior..
ego yg menebal di dlm jiwa..

p/s: kpd para pmbaca, jgn tiru prngai sy, anda xkan maju..


MY said...

hoho..cmtue pun ada ka mandel..tak pa la janji grad..


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