Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lucky I went to Metrojaya sale today..

It was one of my luckiest day..yay..My dear and I went to the Metrojaya branded sale this morning at Midvalley.. the traffic was particular heavy traffic jam today..We arrived there at 11.30 am..Then we hit straight to the Midvalley exhibition hall where the sale is located..a huge crowd but still tolerable..I met some of my schoolmates there.. Wan,Iliani,Afzan,Emilia and Shida.. Peninsular Malaysia is very small I believe.. huhu.. I did get my Jean Perry gingko pillow at 50% (I think normal sale also 50%)..and some other stuffs..there are lots of stuffs which are not the same as in Metrojaya warehouse sale in Shah Alam. It's not that bad.Lucky I went there..My dear got himself an Esprit edt 50 ml @ RM78..(is it?)..Well, that's the best grab we could get since not many choices anymore.It's the 4th day afterall..

The Blockbuster set..Cream Collection


After lunch at Teppanyaki, we went to Jusco to look for my mum Estee Lauder White Linen - Light Breeze..Then, huhu..I got the Estee Lauder blockbuster set..aiya..It was very tempting until I couldn't excuse..obvious isn't it..


LuN said...

u met afzan there? wif her jijul? huhuh

MY said...

no lah..bukan ngan jijul..ngan ayu.then jumpa yg lain skali gak..mula jumpa shida ngan milia.then wan & iliani.pehtue baru jmpa afzan ngn ayu kat jusco..


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