Thursday, November 27, 2008

1st stage..

11:00 am - Rehearsal time at Dr.Chia's room..along with Prof Dr.Sarani..So, nervous.I can say I am extremely nervous even though it was just a presentation..Normally I am ok if I need to present..maybe dah lama x present kot..hmm..It was for the 24th Regional Conference on Solid State Science & Technology 2008 that will be held at Tiara Beach Resort, PD on 30.11.08-02.12.08..
12.20 pm - finish my rehearsal..gud luck to myself..

~ Will be going there on Saturday..go jalan2 1st..yuuhoooo..
~Nico, pukul bapa ang nak mai sok?


theQueen said...

petang lah. maybe dlm kol 3/4/5.
sampai komuter aku bg tau.
lolz. terus gerak ke pastu?

MY said...

uih..takpa2..roger ak bila smpi..xla..kita pi sabtu..

ZzkAng said...

monday good luck!!

MY said...

thank you thank you master liew...huhu takut la


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