Monday, November 17, 2008


1. How tall are you barefoot?
= 152cm..I'm short..

2. Have you ever smoked?
= nope..never tried before..never will do neither..I love me teeth!!

3. Do you own a gun?
= this is's rare for normal people to own a gun..

4. Do you hate someone right now?
= currently none..

5. Do you get nervous?
= not lately..but then sometimes I do..

6. What do you think of hotdogs?
= おいしい..with bread, mayonnaise and chili sauce would be enough for me..

7. What's your favorite Christmas song?
= the one by the Chipmunks..wink (^.^)v

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
= milk..low fat milk..

9. Can you do push ups?
= sure I's good for ur abs though..

11.What's your favorite piece of jewelry?
= My ring..given by my lovely time I want a bigger diamond (I think my dear would be freakin' out right now..don't be dear, plz..)..

12. Do you like painkillers?
= No, I don't..

13. What is your secret weapon to lure the opposite sex?
= I don't have to right now..I don't think I have one neither..I'm not good at those stuffs..

14. Do you own a knife?
= knife lah kan..

15. Do you have H.I.V?
= a big NO here..

16. Name?
=Maisarah Yusoff

17. Name 3 things u wanna do at this exact moment?
= I want to eat a piece of cake..anything will do..with lots of cream..
= I want to drink my fave starbuck coffee - chocolate blended would be the one..
= I want to finish my paper..Huhu..lousy..still got 20% left..

18. Name the last 3 things you have bought lately:
= Estee Lauder Blockbuster set..MNG handbag..2 pair of Levi's socks..--pokai dah--

19. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink:
= PLAIN WATER..low fat milk (diet daa)..teh tarik..

20. What time did you wake up today?
= 6.45am

22. Current worry?
= Solid state conference end of this month..I am going to make a presentation..that worries me so much..

23 Current hate?
= ??????????

24. Favorite place to be?
= My room..dah mintak carpet from my mum..

25. Least favorite place to be?
= maner2 ..depends kat mood gak kan..if it's not ok, then it is still not ok..

26. Where would you like to go now?
= HOME!!...mummy daddy..hehe

27. Do you own slippers?
= yes..I like slippers..even my mum marah..

28. What shirt are you wearing?
= Tazmania devil shirt..

30. Favorite colors?
= Black, white, brown & crimson red..

31.Would you like to be a pirate?
= I don't think so..I don't like the idea having to be on the ship for most of the time..And I don't know how to swim..SAD!! BUT If it's like home, then I think I'm cool with it..Plus, if the crew is like the Strawhat Luffy's crew, I'm totally in (provided I have the extraordinary power like Robin..)..Ronoroa Zoroは さいこうです。Tony Tony chopper も かわいいです。I am a huge fan of ONE PIECE..:)

32. Last time you had an alcoholic drink?
= never drink la..haram!!

33. What songs do you sing in the shower?
= I don't sing in the shower..

34. What did you fear was going to get you at night as a child?
= Dinosour..I did have a nightmare about dinosour chasing me around.. when I was standard 2 I think..Maybe becoz I watched lots of Ultraman that time..haih..The monsters did look like dinosour right..

35.What's in your pocket/s right now?
= my room key..

36. Last person that made you laugh?
= My dear..

37. last person that made you cry?
= emm..secret daa..

38. Worst injury you've ever had?
= After accident of course..

40. How many cellphones do you have?
= 2..Sony Ericsson and V3i..

41. Who is your loudest friend?
= Besides ada..mana leh bgtau..kecik ati kawan..

42.Who is your most silent friend?
= none..because sometimes they can be noisy too..

43. last movie watched?
= My Best Friend's Girl..I kinda dislike the movie..sigh..

44. What is your favorite book?
= Currently-Timber Properties & Uses (hv to read that one)..

45.What is your favorite chocolate?
= Kinder's my bro fave as well..tiru tiwu..
47. What song do/did you want played at your wedding?
= Rihanna - Hate that I Love You (ft Ne-Yo)..boleh ke?

48. What were you doing 12 AM last night?
= working on my paper..

49. What was the First thing you did today?
= Took a peek at my handphone (alarm..)

50. What was the last thing you did the day before yesterday?
= My edited paper..huhu..

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