Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trip to Skudai, JB and PD!!

Eagle Ranch Resort..this place was quite fascinating..They provide lots of activities such as paintball, horse riding, night walking, archery and many more at a very reasonable price for each of the activities..The accomodation was very interesting as well..There are teepee which looks like cone (imagine the ice cream cone that turned upside down). It is a shame that I don't have the pic here..They have bandwagon house that look like the horse house (the one in the pic)..Sadly I can't stay there during my conference on 30Nov-02Dec becoz the place is totally fully booked during the shool holiday.. It is located a bit further from Tiara Beach Resort and around 15 minutes from the Teluk Kemang beach (I mean the place where most of the people go)..You can simply visit for more info.. weekend was spent with a trip to JB and PD..which was fun although it was only a short period of weekend..huhu..We departed from bangi around 10.30 am and arrived at the UTM Skudai around 2pm to meet Lanot my friend..My dear met his bro too..After lunch my friend gave us a mini tour around JB..Haha ..Kinda quite excited as I have never been to Johor before except Segamat..Lanot brought us to dinner to eat 'Nasi Lemak penyek' (tul ke spell Lanot)..It was quite unique but then the sambal was extremely hot and spicy..didn't get to enjoy the sambal much..sob sob..Anyway thanks for the company Lanot!! Good luck for your final paper..


Anonymous said...

wah2..dh berjinak2 ngn blog ea?bgs2...huhuh...pembetulan! "Nasi Ayam Penyet" hehehe...sedap kn?

krillykz said...

hoho..sedap la..tapi pedas giler sambal tue lanot..ak tgk ang dah nangis2 lanot kan..haha

feiling said...

hehe..i visit and stay at Eagle Ranch Resort before for my family day..erm..last year i think..hehe..but din get to sleep in teepee,bit dispointed..haha..maybe wanna go ther again..

MY said...

so fei ling..when you get to sleep at the tepee share with me the story..hihi


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