Thursday, October 30, 2008

Zuria's kenduri photos..

The wedding was on 4th October 2008 (hari raya ke-4)..It was a simple kenduri yet meriah especially with our attendance..My dear was with me as was my co-pilot that day (as usual lah)..Last time during my viva was nowhere in sight yet, I was her co-pilot ..haha..First we head to bon's house to have our lunch..Thankz to the mee kari (ye ke?..can't remember) my stomach was ok again..hehe..Then only we head to Zuria's wedding..

Wednesday, October 29, 2008



Blackpearlwhite! I like this name dear.. nice combination of black n white color.. sounds like curse from pirate carribean movie, but that curse is blackpearl only,not blackpearlwhite..huhu..whateva :P

Kadang2 terfikir alangkah sepinya hidup tanpa gelak ketawa kawan2 kita... sayangi kawan-kawan anda, dont drink n drive :) Hidup kena ceria, even baru pas kena marah ngan BOS,haha. Best betul bila pas marah ngan BOS then pi pekena Nandos ramai2.. :)
H i D u P K e N a H e P P i !

Metrojaya warehouse sale!!

It was a worth thing to make a visit to the Metrojaya warehouse sale (started 0n 23rd until 27th October 2008).Located at Stadium Melawati Shah Alam with a very huge parking space. I went there on 3 days in a row (silly things because on the last day nothing much to bargain)..The crowd was just fine..still can move around to choose things..Not as I imagined though..but then that was a relief (for sure!!)..On Saturday (last day highlight of stila and guerlain becoz on Sunday still got YSL product) I did get my hand on stila!!lotsa perfumes..just brand like Marc Jacobs, Issey Miyaki, MNG, Beckham, CK (which were sold out on1st day..huhu), FCUK, Paris Hilton Heir and others..the price range is superb..Some bloggers said there will be another MJ warehouse sale in November..Finger crossed ladies..Those are the items that I did purchase..for the stila I did't get to buy other than the lip glaze stick in peach since the other colours of other cosmetics stuffs are not to my like..My dear did get his to the ears..We didn't spend much..not more than rm200..Ok la kan..stick to the budget stick to the budget..

My 1st post ever...(^.^)v

This is fun..This should be fun..haha..I've been thinking about having my own blog since some time ago..The name just popped out instantly into my brain..poyo ja..I was thinking of black&white as the name of the blog..It turns out the name is not available (which is of course!!)..Then suddenly the 'pearl' came through. Last weekend did get a flyer about Diamond & Platinum's pearl stuffs..wish I could have one..haha..sorry dear..Even though biho (my labmate) said the BlackPearlWhite is not nice..Biho said "tak besh la".... Sounds like the Pirates of the Caribbean:The Curse of the Black Pearl (that's what I had in mind actually)..Tapi x kesah lah..redah ja..yay..


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